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The Blackout Club

by Priscilla Ford

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AMS Radio Great kick ass Rock Music Favorite track: Boring In Black.
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PJD Raw, punky, straight up rock. Favorite track: Don't Come Around.
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Comedown 02:13
Get what you wanted Next stiff in line And what’s uncovered A bullshit alibi Gotta get it out right now When you’re losing out on the comedown Gotta get it out right now When you’re losing count on the comedown And you’re coming Beneath a shaking sky I got your number baby Got you by the truth I got the next thing To get by on you Gotta get it out right now When you’re losing out on the comedown Gotta get it out right now When you’re losing count on the comedown And you’re coming Beneath a shaking sky I’ll tell you something You don’t want defined Don’t wait too long Distance drives you away Won’t take too long To forget what you paid To tilt back one more day Gotta get it straight Before it falls apart What you wanted Not too hard to find What’s worse than nothing Is running out of lies
I knew a girl once, when she’d come around I’d hang on every word she’d say Drawing attention from boys far and wide For her it was just that way out I’m saying now Don’t come around Girls like you are better lost than found And I don’t know what happened to me Must have tripped over subtlety lacked Suddenly awoken from a kid’s reverie Something to never look back out And I don’t know who you were fooling It sure as fuck wasn’t yourself I paid the interest on those bad memories Best revenge is living well
Can’t drag me under Can’t drag me under Your midnight bullshit just hit half-life Can’t drag me under Your small life ain’t worth embracing And you still think it’s all right Can’t drag me under Can’t drag me under This ruined landscape built on your lies Can’t drag me under Self-made bad luck never changes It ain’t fuckin’ all right It’s time to punch out Yeah, time to give in It’s time that you realized your life is counterfeit Ain’t got enough space in my life Yeah, those days are spent Trigger, bullet, shrapnel, reaction Pity’s spent It’s time to give up Yeah, time to give in Time you ceased to celebrate your tracks at 4 a.m. Ain’t got enough space in my life To drown in your regret Tie off, give up, lose hope, that’s right Yeah, you gotta shoot it Yeah, you gotta shoot the rent
Evil Manatee 01:51
Evil manatee! Swims behind the rows Evil manatee! Final Suntori pose Like some limp-dick tourist or studio musician The human race: an error Finless fucks with no maritime bearing Drift in the tide How much expected to live by? Calm seas and moonless nights Human bodies lifeless and bleeding Drift in the tide Swimming in a post-human sea Beaches awash with casualties Victims of post-Copernican thinking Drift in the tide A self-denied complacency Murderous lack of decency Y no se porque nadan aqui Deriva en la merea
Boring in black, we’re all complicit in this situation It seems the odds are stacked against us all for the duration For which there is no end, visible or otherwise known We give up to the wind like smoke now to be blown Let’s walk the plank We’re so boring in black Isn’t it easier? We’re so boring in black Get in line, kid We’re so boring in black Isn’t it easier? We’re so boring in black Fall in line Boring in black, we steep ourselves in tropes of wanting aching Uncertain light in grey-blown dawns, no party ever ending Something more traditional Some back stage back from ‘72 Where there’s no final call or morals to rescue We’re bored in black, frustration finds us our uneven ending To peel it back, we’d have to give away life’s work for flensing No one’s more critical than when mirror-shot and self-effacing Too scared to care at all, patina cracked and fading
Gentle Time 02:59
Every time I feel this way This dark and ringing echo Another chance to delay The dim, embittered night Don’t lose count on time It won’t wait It won’t wait for you Every time things fall apart Less the four walls around you Another chance to break your heart Rebuild for something right No way to talk, no way to start, nothing to give you Every new thought just another existential joke
Had a rough life Don’t even believe it Not enough, right? Too much to even reason Got a theory Won’t even come true I’ve got a badly-sketched subject I got a reason I got a reason Another winsome loser Held back by not believing An illegitimate closer All you’re left with once you see it Can’t get back what you give up Don’t try to understand now Simple demons don’t give back much And all you’re left is sundered in now Had a rough life Don’t even believe it Figure out why Crawl away to leave it You’re a theory Won’t ever come true I’m a badly-sketched subject I’m the reason I’m the reason I’m the reason I gotta get back what went wrong It’s too fallow a season When the nights get When the nights get far too long
Kali Ma 03:39
Oh yeah I’m saying now Ascent from the maelstrom Gone black room all dead from feeling Count your days wrong I said wrong Now take what’s left of you Tearing out uncertain feelings To forsake uncertain solitude I said wrong Tear your heart out I said tear it When you walk on that stumbled sway Your lack of charm some graceful merit Gone in the creeping light of day I’m absent Gone from all emotion I’ve got your heart for casual wear Drift through something broken I said wrong I said yeah, yeah baby Nobody’s gonna die for you
Elegy 02:53
I’m on the edge of what I know Too much uncovered left for show I’m now right I know right I know what ain’t forgot I know what needs to keep below A life of failing light No chance to wonder why It can’t get past you This elegy No hope in silence For what had to be I’m going to tell you what you need How to give up and to believe I’m now right I know right I know a lifetime shot I’ll show the best way to deceive No sins redeeming No failing light No hope in silence To fill your life It’s can’t get past you This elegy You’re on the edge of what you know Too much uncovered left for show You’re not right I know right You know it’s not forgot You know it’s not too far below No life of failing light No chance to reason why
Complaint 02:42
The way you want it to be Forsakes loyalty I can’t get it Can’t get it – it’s not there A life lived in complaint Ain’t the only way I can’t get it Can’t get it – it’s not there When you count through all the days spent When everything was right with no regrets And now when you wanna get out Get in a bottle and get face down When you had all you wanted from life All evergreen and always right It was just enough to keep you sane Can’t get it right Don’t got the time I can’t get it I can’t get it – it’s not there Can’t get it straight I can’t find the way I can’t get it I can’t get it – it’s not there And all you’ve seen and all that you’ve done Just makes it lonelier, don’t matter as much You see what’s now go by It’s almost over, but what’s defined Can’t get more from what was less Your heart in hock for second best But you see it’s all you’ve got I can’t get it I can’t get it – it’s not there I can’t get it I can’t get it – it’s not there I can’t get it into place I’m long since over your complaints I can’t get it I can’t get it – it’s not there


Priscilla Ford take their name from their favorite local schizophrenic mass murderer, responsible for killing six and injuring twenty-three (wielding her blue 1974 Lincoln Continental as the weapon) in downtown Reno, Nevada on Thanksgiving Day, 1980. The band is made up of four punk rock veterans with countless years of collective playing, recording, and touring experience under their belts, coming from both coasts of the United States, from LA to DC, only to end up forming in Reno, Nevada.

Musically, Priscilla Ford fall somewhere between early Black Sabbath and early Black Flag, or as one reviewer stated, "blue-collar, hard drinkin' and grinding rock n' roll." Their live shows "break minds," as another reviewer put it, and are full of frenetic energy, flying beer, and Iggy-esque antics.

Recently stripping down their sound to reflect a more focused approach, original bass player Billy Romeo (replacing Tim Blake) has rejoined Zac Damon on guitar, Todd Imus on vocals, and newest member Tayler Wooten, who has moved from second guitar to drums (replacing Pierre Marche).

While all of the members have played in decidedly more melodic bands, both locally and nationally (Screeching Weasel, Big In Japan (NV), The Firebombing, Zoinks!, Tranzkuntinental, Promises Promises, etc. et al.), this group of friends decided early in 2013 that it was time to ditch the “pop” in favor of a more straight-forward, rough-around-the-edges, honest punk rock ‘n’ roll sound – there are hooks, sure, but there is also energy, anger, and the lyrical truth that comes with coming of age fucked up, somehow broken but still insistent on delivering pure music with no pretension.

Their debut album, "The Blackout Club," reflects all of this and proves that Priscilla Ford is intent on making rock n' roll exciting and confrontational again, as it should be.


released January 27, 2015

Produced by Vance Belknap

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tim Green at Louder Studios in Grass Valley, CA in the spring and summer of 2014

On the album:
Todd Imus - Yelling/Howling
Zac Damon - Guitar/Vocals
Tayler Wooten - Guitar/Backup Vox
Tim Blake - Bass/Backup Vox
Pierre Marche - Drums/Percussion


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Priscilla Ford Reno, Nevada

Todd Imus - Yelling // Zac Damon - Guitaring/Yelling // Billy Romeo - Bassing/Yelling // Tayler Wooten - 2nd Guitaring // Pierre Marche - Drumming

If you're not a Reno/Sparks local, chances are you have no idea who Priscilla Ford is. Read the article below to find out!!!

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